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My story is simple. I began paying attention.


With all of the negative media attention on plastic straws, it was hard not to take notice of just how many plastic straws each of us uses on a daily basis - between our iced coffees and restaurant beverages. I scoured New York City and Long Island in the weeks to follow and did not come across ONE paper straw! I decided I wanted to change that - or at least be part of that change. 

The Paper Straw Girl is a New York based paper straw supplier offering alternatives to single-use disposable plastic straws. We sell directly to restaurants, bars, hotels, cafes, coffee shops, catering companies and convenience stores in New York. Why New York? Simple - New York is my home! If upwards of 500 million plastic straws are used per day in the United States and nearly 20 million people are living in New York - then locals efforts alone can make a huge difference!


Each product is tested for quality. Each manufacturer and supplier partner is selected based upon FDA standards. It is critical that all products offered allow The Paper Straw Girl to maintain a mission of sustainability.

If your business is considering the switch away from plastic straws and you are on the hunt for the perfect straw, The Paper Straw Girl would love to help! 

If you are interested in becoming a supplier partner, please reach out! We are continuously forming new partnerships as the demand for plastic straw alternatives increases and more manufacturers and products enter the market. 

We hope you join us on our mission to help eliminate single-use disposable plastic straws! 


The Paper Straw Girl 

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